Introduction to Computer Science II
Spring 2000
Illinois College

Instructor: Albert L. Crawford
Office: Baxter 204C

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Lab Assignments

Text: Program Design and Data Structures by Thomas L. Naps.

The Course: The course is an extension of CSC160. It is a required course for Computer Science majors and a useful course for students studying in other disciplines. This course will concentrate on the design of computer programs using standard data structures and algorithms. The data structures include arrays, records, lists, stacks, queues and trees. Lists and trees will be implemented as Abstract Data Types using arrays and using linked structures. Algorithms covered will include sorting and searching algorithms. This will include recursive methods of programming.

Tests: There will be three major examinations throughout the semester. These will be weighted at 100 points each. In addition, a comprehensive final will be given. It will be weighted at 150 points. Except in very rare cases, there will be no make-up exams given. If you have a problem with attending the scheduled exams, you must let your instructor know as soon as possible, and before the exam is scheduled to take place.

Homework: There will be homework assignments. These will be weighted as indicated through out the semester.

Program Assignments: Programming assignments are extremely important. Students not completing the programming assignments are not qualified to continue with computer science. Therefore it is a requirement that all assignments be completed prior to the end of the semester. All programming assignments will be due at the beginning of a class period. Any late assignments will give a 30% penalty if one class period late and a 60% penalty if two class periods late. Any programming assignment more than two class periods late will be given a grade of zero (0%). Any programming not turned in at all will be given a grade of -100% (a negative grade).

Quizzes: There will be 0 to 10 in class quizzes given throughout the semester. These will be weighted from 10 to 20 points each. These may be either announced or unannounced. No makeup's will be given for quizzes.

Attendance: Students are expected to attend all regularly scheduled class sessions. Some of the material covered in the course is only available from the class lectures. If you miss a class, you are responsible for getting copies of notes, etc. from another student. The instructor will not provide this material for you. If you have a scheduled absence you must turn in all assignments on time, i.e. ahead of time if necessary. Students with excessive absences (total number of absences being more than one week of classes) may be dropped from the class with a grade of F.

Grades: All grades will be based on a 90, 80, 70, 60 percentage of all points for grades of A, B, C, and D. Any "curves" that will be placed on the grades will be made on the individual tests and not at the end of the semester. Such curves are not likely.

Approximate Semester Schedule