Programming Practicum: World Wide Web
CSC 250
Spring 1997
Illinois College, Jacksonville, IL

Instructor: Dr. Albert L. Crawford 

Time: Wednesday Evenings, 6:30 to 8:30.

Text: HTML: information obtained from web sites.


Weeks 1 to 6: Creating Web pages using HTML. Concepts of lists, tables, graphic content, forms, and frames will be covered.

Weeks 7 to 11: Java programming.

Weeks 12 to 13: CGI programming.

Weeks 14 to 15: Student presentations.

Seminar format. Most of the class presentations will be made by students. The instructor will develop an outline of the course. The students will present the material to be covered each week. Part of the class will be conducted in the lab using Lynx and/or Netscape.

Major Paper:
Each student will be expected to do a major project about WWW development that was not covered by the rest of the course. This can include such things as creating animation, developing server-based applications, etc.

Web Page Project:
Each student will create a web page as assigned by the instructor. This probably will be a department web page for a department at Illinois College.

There will be no examinations. Your grade will be determined equally by your class participation, your project and your paper.